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Occupational Essay In the future, I can see myself working doing Data Entry. The name of this field is Computer Database. All companies can use a Data Entry personal. Data Entry uses program applications like Access, Excel, Microsoft Word, etc. Data Entry is used to set up charts, and graphs, basically anything using data. For example if I was working for Footlocker I could do inventory. I could also make graphs to show what style, what color, or what brand is bought the most so that Footlocker could order more shoes from that brand. Keep track of how much employees are getting paid is another thing that computer Data Entry is used for.

There is some education needed to be a computer database worker. I have been told that experience overrides credentials. That means if I went to interview for a job and I showed them that I have done some schooling and that I have done Data Entry for __, __ and __ I'm most likely to get a job over a person that went to college and has no experience.

For Data Entry you can go to a University, Career College or even a High School. Last year I took a Computer Application class. The instructor only thought the class the basics for Data Entry. I was so interested in that class that I went home and study everything I could about those programs the class worked with. By the end of that school year, I left the class feeling like I could easily teach that class, and do a better job.

With the knowledge I have on Data Entry right now I can be making about ten dollars an hour. Most people who enter Data Entry begin making about ten to fifteen dollars an hour.

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