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After suffring for many years, Crystal died on June 11th 2002 from complications of which arising from HER eating disorder. This candle's flame flickers in the darkness for a young women who lost her life in a search of the perfect body. Crystal Carter died in complications from bulimia and anorexia. A graceful women, a young women with a bright future and brilliant laughter"¦Crystal's life was snuffed out way to early. Now in her absence, I can only hope that her senseless death will be warning to other young women to learn to love themselves before sacrificing their lives to this horrible, preventable, and curable disease. Crystal may you run among the clouds, free of pain"¦and this candle shine light upon the myth of perfect bodies.

She died after a long battle of bulimia, which made her life even more unbearable.

She was going to become a doctor in hopes to help people like herself, although she had never really tried to get help for the most important teen of all"¦.her.

Though it seems as though you may have lost a friend heaven has gained an angel.

May her death be not in vain but inspire those who suffer from an eating disorder to take control of their lives, and rid themselves of the terrible voices she struggled so hard with.

She always offered support to those around her that were struggleing with an eating disorder or depression.

Now she will finailly rest in peace.

She will never go to her senior prom, experience marriage, or the joy of brining life into this world.

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