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At the beginning of this class Nutrition and Fitness, I had three main goals that I wanted to accomplish. One of these goals was that I wanted to continue to stay the same weight that I was when I started, and after the seven weeks that I was in the class I weighed myself and I had the exactly the same weight as when I had started seven weeks ago so I think that go was successfully accomplished.

Another one of the three goals that I had when I started the class was that I wanted to also gain measurement on my biceps and some of my other muscles. And at the end of the seven weeks I had about the same measurements as I did when I started so I was not successful in getting a greater measurement in my muscles.

And last but not least the last goal that I had in mind to accomplish was to get in better shape, which I achieved because I am able to run longer, and I also have a lot more endurance.

So in being successful in two out of three goals I definitely thought the class was Worthwhile I think that If I were to take this class again I would set my goals higher for more of a challenge.

And in taking this class it also made me wonder about the future too. And as I was thinking about the future I came up with some goals that I would like to achieve maybe 10,20 and 40 years from now. Some of the goals that I came up with for around 10 years from now were: 10 years from now I will be at the age of 25 and I would like to be able to...

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