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1.) Warner, R. (1992). Nurses' Empathy and Patients Satisfaction With Nursing Care. Journal of The New York State Nurses Association, 23, 8-11.

2.) Quantitative measure of empathy against patient satisfaction. Graphs were used, numerical comparisons 3.) Non-experimental, no elements, variables of interest present 4.) In learning that empathy does play a significant role in patience satisfaction, better quality of care cane be provided.

5.) Is nursing empathy training a necessary tool for better patient satisfaction? 6.) Is nursing empathy training necessary to provide better quality nursing care 7.) Yes, It does measure what it sets out to do 8.) Questionable, I felt that these tools were probably the most reliable, current tools. They do leave a lot of room for improvement. Untruths can unfold in survey questionnaires. However 80% was maintained therefore by criteria it is reliable.

9.) Dependent= Patient satisfaction Independent= Empathy's effect Confounding= 1. Definition of empathy 2.

Elements of evaluation 10.) What tool do you use to measure that nurse's honesty?

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