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Captain John Smith and William Bradford (wrote Plymouth plantation) were to know write who broke thought on the since with there own writing style. The were complete different in views, but both shared a passion for writing of some famous literature know for today. Captain John Smith work includes allots information and always loves to write towards, or about him self. He's talk about him from a 3rd person standpoint. He was a middle class person who had money and just was able to provide for him self, and the materials that need for him to keep on continuing writing. Captain John Smith was nice to his fellow settlers and many people enjoyed his company. William Bradford was the opposite of Captain John Smith; he had to work harder to meet his goals and survivor. William wasn't a very well middle class person just made a little to keep going.

Years and some struggle along the way he managed to break out and head to the top. The settlers like it and soon he became Governor of the colony and help making decisions. Unlike Captain John Smith who'd liked to mention him self allot during his stories. William was a self-taught person and to be know. Both men use work of writing style to be able to extend to other people, and express their views of God.

(Choice # 4) Anne Bradstreet poem "Upon burning of our house" seems to show her domestic life of her and her faith towards the one she believes in which is God. This poem is about how her house burns down and her feeling over it. She mentions the memories that she drew from the house well it burns, and then later after it safe to go back in, she rummages though the rubble to find if she fined anything that still could be kept. Anne walks the ashes and came across a necklace that she could save. Out of all of that she recalls that she's just happy that she made it out, and her faith with her god, is stronger. Another writing peace from Anne Bradstreet is called "Dear my loving husband" She expresses her thoughts and love for someone she really likes. Anne writes in her poem words that came from the heart and would do anything to be with her husband for a long time to come. Seems like nothing would ever come across between them. But again she express her self though her writing instead of by action or sometimes emotion

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