No Smoking

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There are many reasons why you should not smoke. The first is the harm smoking can do for your health. The effects are both shsort-and long-tem. In the short-term you will be less fit and esaily become breathless when you run. In the long-term, your hear will be damaged and your lungs will become useless. Less serious, but still important is the cost of smoking Cigaretters are expensive, and you will waste your money. Smoking is selfish as it pollutes the air and the smoke makes many people fell uncomforatable. It is also not good for your appearance. Your teeth and fingers will be stained an ugly yellow, and will always smell of cigarette smoke. Smokers also make a lot of mess and litter, leaving ash and cigarette end lying about everywhere. the steets would be much tidier if there were no smokers. smoking causes a lot of fire.

We would be all safe if there were no cigarettes. Finally, the nicotine in cigarettes is addicitive. You cannot smoke just a few, and stop. Once you have started, it is difficult to give up the habit.

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