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In the play, No Exit, by Jean -Paul Sartre, three people are brought into a hideous sitting room to convey the idea of hell. Garcin an abusive hypocrite, Inez a lesbian murder, and Estelle a self absorbed , baby killer. All three chrachters are examples of people that committed sins and now are trying to deal with them, while they do this they become each others tortures unwillingly. Implying that one does not need machines in order to be tortured. The author portrays his idea of humanity, that "Hell is other people" The play beginnings with Garcin asking the valet questions of the nature of hell. He does not realize that life as he knew it is over, Garcin does not understand that were he is now there is no meaning to anything Garcin: So that's that; not toothbrush. And no bed, either. One never sleeps, I take it? (Pg 5) The idea of hell is not what he expected, he goes into the room looking for instruments of torture and trying to convince himself of his idea of hell.

Not realizing that what is to come to him, is much worse than any torturing machine. He goes into the room with many question and when the valet responds he gives answers that don't make sense. He thinks that by getting answers he will be able to understand hell.

Unlike Garcin, Inez comes into the room very quietly, not asking so many questions. As soon as she realizes that she is not the only one there she seems to also have her own idea of what hell is like, however she does understand that what ever she had in her past life is now worthless. Inez: What would be the use? There was some point in...

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