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THE LORAX SEQUAL At the near end of town a little boy frouns with a seed in his hand from a once wise old man. The once wise old mans name was the Once-ler you see, he got the Lorax lifted away "How could it be ?" you say !The little boy stands with the world in his hands not knowing to plant or to make a new plan ! Know Knowing that Truffula Trees made into Thneeds is what everyone needs, he'll plant a Truffla and treat it with care, he'll give it clean water, feed it fresh air and grow a new forest with love, tender, care.He won't do what the Once-ler once did. He wont dare waste a thing not water nor air.

He'll make smaller Thneeds combine them with spandex and fleece. He'll take the Truffula trunks and sell them to farms, that'll be on side.

He'll sell lumber and nails, he'll end up with money in buckets and pails.

He'll treat the Truffulas as if they where alive , give them respect and never put them aside.He'll do all this and be successful u see, because he wont be filled with Greed, Greed, Greed, Greed, like the Once-ler once be. He wont through away the trunky trunk trunks, of the Truffula tree, he'll use every part from the fruit to the roots, you'll see.The Lorax will come back with all of his friends he'll bring back the Brown Bar- Bo- Loots, in there Bar-Boo-Loot suits, he'll bring the Humming Hum Frogs, and the Swanee Swan Swans, they can eat all the fruit and sing all the songs.Then they can all live in the Truffula Tree land and be marry and have lots of laughs! Know the Lorax, the boy, the frogs, the swans and the Brown Bar-Bo-loots, in there Bar-Bo-Loot suites can live forever in the new Truffula Tree land because finally it is in GOOD HANDS.

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