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REPORT#1: TEAM CONTRACT The product category we are studying is the expanding division of athletic shoes. Our team is conducting research on Nike Corp., the overall leader in this industry. The product category of athletic shoes includes men's and women's running, basketball, tennis, soccer, baseball, golf, walking, and cross training shoes. We picked this topic because we are all familiar and interested in sporting wear. Shoes are an important product in our society and will always be in demand.

For this project to be successful, we've decided that hard work, reliability, and communication are essential characteristics each team member must possess. We will accept these roles and divide the workload equally with our team members. We will not have a team leader, but we will work as one team and rotate roles such as the note taker, summarizer, and typist among all of us. This is a team assignment; we want our group to be communicative with one another, work as a whole unit, and help each other out in times of need.

Our team will meet our deadlines by continuously keeping the lines of communication open and complete the assigned tasks by the scheduled times. Behavior of team members who do not fulfill their duties, who display continuous disruptive behavior, and who do not attend most of the group meetings are behaviors in which we will not condone. If team members are absent and they use valid excuses, we will update them and keep them in the communication circle. If absentees are a problem or participation is lacking, then as a group we will talk to the individual or individuals as a whole in order to ratify the situation. If the problem persists and communication fails again, we will inform the professor of our problem and get consent from...

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