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-New England- June 10, 1680 I'm beginning to think our "common wealth" community is not the "city on the hill" that it claims to be. The land here in Massachusetts Bay Colony produces nothing but poor crops and because of its rocky soil general farming no longer will satisfy the community's economy. I fear what will become of us if we do not find another source of work. The number of dissenters are growing by the day. This is one issue that came up in the meeting house today. Myself along with the other male church members constructed ways to keep this a tight knit community. Governor John Winthrop made it a law that every child should learn to read in order to sutdy the bible as the bible is the source of truth; and only good will come out of its teaching. We've increased taxes to support the church and remind the people where the focal point should be.

Hopeing these strategies along with a steady schedule of work and church relations will help this Puritan community thriving.

July 8, 1680 Things are beginning to look up as a new industry has struck Massachusetts. Ship building has created hundreds of new jobs building our economy along with the sugar, tobacco, cotton, and dye exports, which has built a covenant with Africa; selling cargo for slaves.

August 1, 1680 Gales Thomas was prosecuted today for witch craft under the account he kept a poppet with a needle stuck in its belly just as the mark Thortan Keene held in his belly. Gales has been Thortan's neighbor for quite some and there had always been some dispute between them regarding the land. Where it divided was never determined and the issue has created such quarrles. Thortan urged the court to press hanging as Gales is "just a wizard that is out for his death and his land." Though I question either party as Gales death would only promise Thortan more land and if Gales really is a wizard he would earn the same benefit by taking Thortan's life.

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