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Network of Life Why I am writing         I am writing this paper to get a better idea on the profession I am choosing for the rest of my life. First grade was the first time I ever touched a computer. Ever since first grade, I have always been interested in computers. It has been hard for me to narrow, down to which computer degree I want to possess. I have always wanted to do something in the computer field, but since I started taking Computer Networking this year, I decided that's what I want to do.

What I know now I know that being a Computer Network Administrator would be a good job for me. It deals with computers and isn't an easy task. I know that the money is good and it wouldn't be too hard to find a job. Businesses and schools everywhere need a Computer Network administrator. I would possibly like to work at a school or university and schools and university have many computers, so there should be many job openings.

I know that Computer Network Administrators have to have at least a two-year degree. Computer Network Administrators can have four-year degrees. The more schooling the more money, so I plan on going four years. I know that I have to be certified in Microsoft and have an A++ certification. Depending on the company I work for, more certifications might have to be attained.

What I need to find out         I need to find out more about the pay and salary of the job. The pay and salary is an important part to me. I need to find out more about the education that is required. The classes I take in college are vital to this job. I need to know the certifications that are required. I wonder...

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