Nazi Racial Policies 1933-1939

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WHAT WERE THE NAZIS' RACIAL THEORIES? Theories of race = central to Nazi ideology.

Believed in a hierarchy with Aryans at the top, and those of mixed or adulterated blood (eg Slavs and East Europeans, gypsies and Jews) at the bottom.

Germans = principle G race (master race of Herrenvolk) "“ the only people capable of true-civilisation, creativity and culture.

They believed they were in a life and death struggle for survival with the inferior races.

Nazis also believed in eugenics "“ all human characteristics are inherited and that selected breeding is necessary to eliminate the weak or undesirable.

Nazis were concerned with the well-being of the community rather than the individual and therefore they felt it their duty to purge society of racial enemies like Jews and criminals, the insane, gays and other undesirables.

The origins of Nazi anti-Semitism Nazi's didn't invent anti-S.

For C Christian countries had persecuted Jews: ·         Government sponsored anti-J riots common in C19 Russia ·         Dreyfus Case Late 19th Century "“ "˜Social Darwinism' was invented by RW thinkers"“ the belief that human society was composed of stronger and weaker races who would struggle for survival.

Hitler was influenced by this in his youth in Vienna.

Mein Kampf In this H explained that he saw Jews as responsible for all G's troubles.

Jews = parasites "“ never had a state of their own and had pretended to be a religious group rather than a race so they could live in any country "“ their "˜first and greatest lie'.

In C19 they had grown rich as capitalism grew and they had exploited liberal democracy to gain citizenship and equal rights "“ part of their plan to undermine and destroy true G culture and values.

PLUS they had invented Marxism to win back the support of the masses.

The Ru Revolution = first...

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