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Dan Habeeb                                                                                                                                                                 Hr 6                                                                                                                                                                         Nature Essay                         Sitting out side at in my back yard there are alot of things going on. Sitting under a Orange tree in the smell of blossoms is strong. But later on the blossoms will become an orange that is sweet and jucie. As I sit under the tree i see the bees buzzing into the blossoms and pollinating them. The trees leaves are all a deep green and will stay that way the whole year round. The fruit if not picked will fade from orange to a deep brown where it will rot away and decay.

        Out in the day under the tree I often saw a bird fly by or land in the tree.

The birds during the day are collectivly getting food for there little ones back in the nests. The birds will fly tree to tree getting bugs and sticks. When some birds find a good tree they build a nest it where they will get sticks, brances, leaves and other things to make it for there little ones. When a bird lays eggs they are little eggs in little time after the mother bird has sat on the eggs they will hatch in to beautiful little birdys.

        As the birds fly by while im under the tree i cant help but to look into the deep blue sky and see the white and grey clowds fly by. Clowds come in all difrent shaps and sizes.

Some clowds resemble things like great people or just a common tool. If i was a clowd i would float freely in the sky without a care in the sky. I think the clowds are beautiful and soft they would be fun to use as a pillow.

        After a while of sitting my dog would come up him and his slobbery toung would lick my face. Big and fat he is play full but lacking of the energy to run for a long time. I wish he was like how he was back when he was a puppy. So playfull and energetic but i think he is a great dog. Big brown fat and big pink toung wet with water and slober from the watter bole.

        When it came time to go in it was quite hot . How hot the sun is just sitting there in the sky. Yellow but still orange makes the world what it is with out it we would be nothing but with it we live. The sun gives people life but it can also cause problems that can take a life. The sun is the center of the glaixy so i would think with out it nothing would be alive today we would have all frozee and died long before we were created with out it . I think that nature is great

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