National Supremacy And State Rights

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State Rights and National Supremacy How did the conflict between the ideas of the State's and National Supremacy play a role in reconstruction ? In my paper I will be telling you about the background of these political theories and how the Freedmen's Bureau, the Civil rights Bill of 1866, the Jim Crow Laws, the KKK , the impeachment of Andrew Johnson, Sharecropping and Crop-Lien effected the reconstruction plans.

        State Rights leaders are southern democrats in favor of slavery. Most of which are wealthy plantation owners. People in favor of State Rights are not in favor of the 13th Amendment , unless blacks were to be counted in the state population. They are also not in favor of citizenship for blacks, and blacks being able to vote. Some of the State Rights people could b possible KKK members. They are in favor of Sharecropping and Crop-Lien, and the Freedmen's Bureau.

        National Supremacist are mostly radical republicans. They do not like large plantations.

They are in favor of the 13th,14th, and 15th Amendment. Unlike State Rights, National Supremacists are in favor of citizenship for blacks, also in favor for black voters. National S Supremacist are in favor of Sharecropping and Crop-Lien, but are in favor of the Freedmen's Bureau like the State Rights.

The Freedmen's Bureau provided food, clothing, shelter, and education for black and whites in the south. It was the first government welfare program in the United States. The Freedmen's Bureau was in favor by both the National Supremacy and the State Rights people.

This being one of the things they both agreed on.

                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Jim Crow Laws also known as "Black Codes" was supposed to work in favor of blacks. That's at least what the blacks thought. The laws allowed...

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