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Should Napster be permitted to continue its' service? This is the question that is hot in debate right now. Napster, an Mp3 swatting program, should be allowed to continue for now but some adjustments should be made. Surveys have shown that the amount of decrease in profit has been only minimal to the artist. As well it is not like the artists do not make enough money in the first place. Music is something that should be allowed to be shared all over the world. It is also educational to have music from different cultures right at your fingertips. Many artists feel that Napster helps promote their music and if people really like their music they will go and buy the CD. Most people don't have the time to sit at their computer and make a bunch of CDs anyway. Further, Napster does not stop the artists from going on tours and making lots of money there.

The strongest argument that is present is that Napster is an infringement of the copyright law. Understandably we can relate to how some artists are feeling but many find it hard to sympathize because the amount of money that these people are already making is a huge number. However even if Napster is shut down this will not stop Mp3 swapping over the net. You cannot stop the wave of technology only slow it down but not prevent the way of the future. People will find other ways and other programs. What about the CD burning that was not prohibited because it could be used to illegally burn CDs and the VCR was allowed in spite of the fact that it was capable of illegally copying movies. Napster encourages enthusiasm for music. But in all fairness artists do have the right to choose whether or not they want their music to be available on Napster. All in all, Napster is a positive service and it should be able to continue but artists must be given the choice because it is their own work.

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