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During the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a military leader, by the name Napoleon Bonaparte, had a major influence on France. Napoleon was a marvelous military leader not only because of the power of his dedicated army, but also because of the success of his tactics. Throughout the French Revolution, Europe was undergoing many changes in weaponry, particularly in Artillery. Napoleon created new tactics to go along with the new weapons and he was always successful. He was obviously not the only person to use these new weapons and tactics but he was the only one who was able to truly harness the immense power of these newly discovered marvels.

        Many people contributed to the creation of Artillery during the French revolution. One man however is thought to be the first person to "Revolutionize" weapons . Jean Baptiste Grimbeaval was a man who in the late 1760's used his knowledge of scientific principles in physics and chemistry to change the structure and firing system of modern Artillery1.

A very important thing that Jean Baptiste Grimbeaval did was to change the transportation design of the existing Artillery Weapons. Previous Artillery Weapons were very heavy and they were very hard to transport over long battlefields. Prior to this invention battles were prolonged for long periods of time because the Artillery was to heavy to move and sometimes the wheels would just collapse under the immense weight of the Weaponry. What Grimbeaval did was he modified the old heavy weaponry into a new Artillery piece, which was called the "Grimbeaval1".

He made this large gun by giving certain modifications to the previous design. One thing that Grimbeaval did to make his gun faster was to reduce the windage2 by half and that resulted in a reduction in barrel mass1. Sometimes the gun...

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