Myths Stigmas Welfare Mothers

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Myths Stigmas Welfare Mothers         Women do not choose to be a single parent with the idea of getting on welfare for a free ride. That is just one of the stigmas that is associated with welfare mothers. Nobody chooses to be a welfare mother. One realizes the obligations to their children, and takes responsibility for the children's welfare above all else. This can be proved by an example of a brave and dedicated woman my Mother, and my own experience.

        As a child growing up in a rural community, whose parents lacked formal education or parenting skills other than those handed down by previous generations I watched my father "on the road a lot". This made me think that my mothers role as "keeper of all" was the norm, and it was. To me in those days it was. She juggled many full plates at one time. Some of those were but not limited to raising two energetic children, a culinary career which included her own business, large mortgages, caring for her aging parents, and recovering from a serious health condition.

Years passed as this system continued, until there was no more father he ceased to exist permanently. He met his final road trip-to Heaven. In effect, I feel as if my mother was often a single parent although she was legally married for many, many years.

        As the generation before me I went on to pursue a marriage, children and all that came with it, not necessarily in that order. However, in my case, I was not satisfied with what "this marriage" had to offer. It was too abusive in many ways for my liking. I longed for something better for my child and myself. Ending up a single parent with a small child in hand without a formal education,

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