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Work         Work is responsibility, experience, and commitment. When I think of work, I think of my first job assistant instructing martial arts classes. When I first started to instruct I obtained my first commitment, I had set classes that I needed to teach and was essential to the operation of those classes. I was responsible for the students and helping teach them. At first I didn't receive payments for teaching but the experience I gained was invaluable.

        Work helps to instill responsibility and morals that better our lives. Whether it is a paper route or counter help at your local Dunkin Donuts, your fist job is one of the biggest influences on the responsibility you earn. When you work you are responsible to perform tasks that people depend on.

        When you obtain a job you also take on a level of commitment. You have an amount of time and effort that you are expected to invest.

If you do not invest the proper amount of energy and time you let down the people you work for.

        One of the most important things you earn from working, besides the obvious of the money, is the experience. Work experience is priceless and can only be achieved through actually working. Unlike the money you acquire, the experience earned can never be lost.

        Work is essential in fulfilling our lives; it's what makes us human. Work is part of everyone's life either directly or indirectly. Many of life's experiences occur due to work or the need to work. It affects and redirects the path a person's life travels from birth to death.

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