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My Uncle         Some people think uncles are just the brothers of our parents. On the other hand, I am fortunate to have an outstanding uncle, Willy. Willy has been a licensed real estate agent with Century 21 for eight years. I have known him since I was a kid. I am lucky to be related to Willy because he is an industrious individual, generous relative and a warmhearted person.

        First, Willy is an industrious individual. His industrious character is shows on his job. One time, he worked for 14 hours to process the documents and close the transaction as requested by his client. Furthermore, Willy dedicates a lot of time preparing his documents and transactions making sure every detail is complete for Escrow companies to process. As a reward to his hardwork, he is the only Centurion (Century 21's award to agents who sold the most houses in a year) in the City of Los Angeles two years in a row for doing a magnificent job.

        Second, Willy is a very generous individual. He helps my relatives who are in need financially. Once, he helped my aunt with her hospital bills when she had a tumor removed from her eyes and she recovered easily because of him. Last year, when we bought a house he gave us a portion of his commission to supplement with our down payment. Willy's generosity makes my relatives very happy.

        Finally, Willy is a warmhearted person. He shows it to his relatives in various ways. Eight years ago, Willy offered my family to live with him until we find our own home when we moved here from the Philippines. During our stay at his house he treated me and my brothers like his own children, he bought us clothes, took us to theme parks and...

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