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My surprise is a simple, yet delicious, dessert beverage. I decided to give it that name because my family and friends have no idea what some of the secret ingredients are. Please note that this drink is not for children, for it contains alcohol.

        You will need the following tools and ingredients: a blender, tablespoon, measuring cup, vanilla ice cream, milk, whip cream, cinnamon powder, bottled caramel, either cherries or mint leaves, and see-through glasses. The two alcohol beverages that will be used are: Original Kahlua and Crème de Cacao. An average size blender will serve up to six people with cup-size servings.

The first step is to this chilled-delight is to fill the blender half way with delicious vanilla ice cream scoops. Then measure about six ounces of milk and pour it into the blender. Next add a tablespoon of Crème de Cacao and two tablespoons of the Original Kahlua.

Following these simple key ingredients, seal the blender and whip its contents. Continue to whip until the liquid is at a smooth consistency and a foam layer is present at the top.

Now you can prepare the presentation of this drink with the bottle of caramel and glasses. Swirl the caramel around the insides of the glasses as if it were a sundae. Then pour the whipped contents of the blender into the glasses, leaving a fourth of an inch space from the top. You can use that space to hold the whip cream in place. Afterwards, lightly sprinkle cinnamon over the whip cream. To complete the presentation, you can either place a mint leaf onto one side or simply place a cherry on top for a classic look.

The main idea of this drink was from this beautiful restaurant in Mexico. I was the only one from my family that tried it. Since then, I have added and changed ingredients to make it taste better while also improving its presentation. I love and enjoy experimenting with drinks, especially this one. I hope you too will also take pleasure in this beverage as well as my family, friends, and I do.

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