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How does your individuality shine through your style?         Many people say that they are individuals. They say they are different from the rest and that they don't have to be like others. Well then ask yourself this. Why do they dress like their friends and people they see around them? Most people do it for attention, some just to fit in. I for one admit that I have rushed out to the mall just to buy something that people at school were wearing. But then I figured out that I didn't have to be like everyone else. I found out that I should be my own self. I shouldn't care what people think about the look, color or even size of my clothes. So that is why I re-invented myself. Now I wear what I am comfortable wearing around others. If I don't like to wear those short skirts or skin tight tanks then I don't have to.

I don't have to dress or act like everyone else just to be cool. Now I don't go around waiting for the next trend to start, just so I can follow it. No, I start my own, unique trends, that I try to make somewhat fashionable. If someone wants to follow my trend then that is their own choice. That doesn't make their style individual or unique. But in fact it doesn't make my style any more unique than anyone else's. In conclusion I have found that style is somewhat important to people and their individuality. I hope that people can just get past that whole outlook on life telling them that if they don't wear this or wear that people wont like them. Thank You

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