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My Piece of Time         I wear this piece of my wardrobe everyday. It consists of a circular base, and two separate straps, each 6cm long connected to the base. These two straps are connected on the other end by a clasp. My watch may be old, and worn, but it still keeps perfect time.

        The two straps are identical, each outlined in thick rigid silver. They remind me of my old uncle's smoothly brushed silver hair. The silver has almost turned to gray and lost much of its luster, but is not completely dulled. There is a thick, gold strip through the center of the silver that, despite it's age, still shines like new.

        The clasp is made of a thin, silver metal that is not tarnished at all. The word 'CASIO' is clearly marked on it in raised lettering. It looks only about 3cm long when closed, but as it opens, it extends to 11cm as two more 4cm metal pieces on hinges open outward.

This metal remains reflective, unscarred by my repetitive clicking and un-clicking motion it goes through when I get nervous or bored. This silver metal doesn't show a day of its age.

        The base of the watch is silver, like the straps, and is encircled with a strip of gold that shines just enough so I can see my distorted face reflected in it. It reflects just like the gold trim on my grandmother's old Cadillac. Glass, with a few scratches covers the face.

        The background of the face is black. The face has only three numbers, clockwise from the top is twelve, the bottom is a six, and between them on the left is the nine. Each of these numbers is raised in the same gold as the border of the base. On the right side, instead of a three, there is a very small rectangle. Inside this rectangle, there are two smaller boxes. Two-thirds of the box on the left shows the current day's first 3 letters. Now it is showing a THU for Thursday. The remaining space in the box on the right is for the date. The number 14 is there presently. Both the day and the date are in a bright white with the same black background as the rest of the face. The face of the watch has 56 small gold lines all emanating from the inside of the face toward the edge. These lines are equally separated all around the face of the watch. There are 4 places where instead of a line there is a white dot. There are 8 other gold lines 3 times longer than the first set also equally spaced around the face. The exceptions to this spacing are the numbers, and the small box. From the center of the watch are 3 thin strands of golden color rods, telling the hour, minute, and counting the seconds. They show the time as 8:38.

        This timepiece has been with me for almost 4 years now, at my side during formal functions and school. Given to me as a conformation gift sophomore year of High school, it has been a constant reminder of my past accomplishments and that God is with me wherever I go. I do enjoy its simplicity, no special buttons or other things to confuse its main purpose, to tell time. Specifically, it reminds me of the time when I need to know it most or even when I'm just curious. It has done this for many years and I will continue to rely on its constancy as long as it will last.

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