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Critical Review on ?My Left Foot? This film is one that makes you feel good about people and the ways we can change the world. This film shows the life of Christy Brown an Irish man that suffers from Cerebral Palsy, a disability, which left him unable, to speak or control his body with the exception of his left foot. Christy fought his whole life coming to terms with this disease and with sheer determination he became a painter and a writer.

        At the beginning of ?My Left Foot? a man?s foot pulls a record from its sleeve, lowers it onto a turntable and after the man catches his breath the music begins to play. This maneuver shows the troubled life of Christy and shows the audience of an immensely affecting experience.

                As a child Christy was seen to his father as a vegetable although his is loved unconditionally by his mother and always protected by his siblings.

At first Christy struggles to make his mark and show his father that he is more than a vegetable he is a genius! He does this at the age of nine when Christy wiggles across the floor and writes on the floor with a piece of chalk ?mother?. This cause Christy immense pain but he still does it to prove his father wrong. As a result his father is filled with joy along with Christy as his father hoists him on his shoulder pronouncing to everyone in the local pub that Christy is his son and that he is a genius. When this happens there is not a dry eye in the house.

        There's a wonderful scene early in the picture when Mother falls down the stairs after having brought Christy upstairs. He hears her fall, and she does not respond to...

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