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The Life Of My Grandson THE BEGINNING April 10th 2034 Kylie Williamson (maiden name: Degenhardt) gives birth to Jonathon Williamson 4 months premature in Brooklyn Women's Hospital. The baby dies within 6 minutes of birth, but due to new cloning technology the baby's DNA is copied, split and placed in 2 artificial wombs. (One of these is a backup if one body is destroyed) May 15th 2034 Horace Williamson divorces Kylie after arguments over the cloning of Jonathon. Kylie changes her name back t                                                                                                                                                         o Degenhardt and gives Jonathon's clone her last name to.

December 18th 2034 Jonathon's clone is given the Nucleo within his head. (This is to ensure that if below his head is destroyed he can still think so his thoughts can be placed in his alternate clone) February 10th 2035 Jonathon's clone is released from the artificial womb.

Kylie decides to change the name to Jonah. Vaccinations proceed immediately.

February 11th 2035 Jonah is given neural implants a day after birth so that the body has a lesser chance of rejecting them. Implants include: A-Space communicator, Info Tagger and Computational thinking. Dr Timothy Degenhardt now aged 48 requests his name be Jonah's middle name April 10th 2035 Jonah and Kylie visit the spot where Jonathon was buried.

June 13th 2035 Timothy and Briana Degenhardt move to Japan from New York. Kylie plans to move there in 5 months.

August 21st 2035 SLIM JIM founded by Horace Williamson October 14th 2035 The Terrorist group called SLIM JIM destroys Jonah's twin clone as well as many others. Meanwhile Kylie has decided to stay in NY because of a new love in her life called Geoffrey Matthews THE MIDDLE As SLIM JIM rises in popularity it becomes one of the most powerful terrorist groups in the Human Democracy. Slim Jim changes it's name to the True Human Party and targets clones and implanted humans. This group declares war on the democracy and gains political momentum by setting up their members for post-war benefits. Kylie and Geoffrey have had 3 more children called Thomas, Loretta and Cathleen. Jonah's birth records had been hidden by his great-uncle Matthew as he is a true fighter against THP. Tim and Briana Degenhardt are killed by THP because Tim is the head of the Democracy's cloning Program. Jonah and a girl called Dex Masters get married at 15 and 14 respectively (due to serums, humans are declared adult at 14) THE END January 12th 2050 Dex and her twin daughters are slaughtered by THP while her 3 year old son Peter is hidden.

July 18th to 30th 2051 6-year-old Thomas, 17-year-old Jonah and 50-year-old Geoffrey Matthews witness the death of Loretta, Cathleen and Kylie Matthews. Jonah and Geoffrey go to the federation's training camp. Thomas and Peter are sent to Geoffrey's brother's apartment in the middle of the island metropolis called Australia.

October 27th 2061 Jonah declared general of the European division in the war.

December 25th 2061 Jonah Dies in the battlefield and is given another body, that cloned of his enemy and father Horace Williamson (Horace is a twisted individual that allows the murder of millions of clones but has clones ready for himself, the Democracy's elite forces retrieved 5 of these.) January 4th 2062 Peter Matthews turns 14 and gets married to a girl called Anne Johnson.

August 18th 2065 THP surrenders and peace is restored.

September 23rd to 30th 2065 Jonah Remarries to a woman called Josephine. A clone of Horace Williamson assassinates Geoffrey after releasing a text describing the reasons why THP was evil.

October 31st 2070 Jonah and Thomas Matthews buy a farm and retire with there families.

July 5th 2075 Jonah, Josephine and their children die when on a holiday to space. One supposed pilot called "˜Harry Williams (later found to be yet another Horace Williamson) opened the airlock and the nothingness pulled them out. Thomas and his family scatter the ashes of the family over a peak on their farm. This article appeared in every magazine, newspaper and e-noter on the 7th of July.

RIP Jonah, Josephine, Kerry, Lisa and Peter Matthews We loved your lives and wish you were here with Us Now Thomas, Henrietta, Zachary and Polly Matthews

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