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My Future By Emily Wettstein         This is the story of my plans for the future in my perspective. I was born on June 9th, 1988. I evolved into a teenager and now attend King Middle School. My audacious attitude will hopefully get me through middle school with a 3.0 G.P.A and preclude my ability to get frugal conduct grades.

        After graduating from middle school I will attend Manatee High School with no antics. I will not be wanton but elite. After collaborating with others I will become brilliant by my senior year and apply for Syracuse. After my perturbed high school years I will gingerly move to New York and become a freshman in college.

        I will then minimize my by getting a bachelors in design and work at a decorating store. After realizing I'm smarter I will venerate many other teachers and get my masters in education. I will receive plaudits from many people and find the perfect man who has a bonanza.

        I will continue my low paying teaching job as my husband brings in myriad amounts of money. When I find out I'm pregnant with twins I will laggard around for days Thinking how awful its going to be to have three babies but it was my fault. Days later I revert back into my old skittish self and be thankful for what I have.

        In my late thirties I have my mid-life crisis and get everything I ever wanted. My enterprising family and I will move a couple miles from the city and I get a pet baby cow, piglet, alligator, my own shark aquarium and 50 ferrets. After realizing I'm crazy and this Is the life for legendary people I decide I want to be legendary and run for president.

        As planned, I obviously become president and paint the white house an audacious Butter yellow because that's the prettiest color for...

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