My First Plane Ride

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My First Plane Ride         The 21-hour voyage all begins when you step aboard the Boeing 747. For me this was my first plane ride. My parents and I were departing from LAX and our destination was Myanmar or Burma. I was probably 6 years of age waiting to see my relatives in Burma for the first time. Before we took off I was so excited, but when the plane started to take off my excitement turned converted to fear. Fortunately, about 2 minutes later the plane lost its slope and the roar of its engines turned into a gentle purr.

        By the time all the passengers were comfortable, the flight attendants came around and handed us warm, moist towels. As the towels touched my face it felt like a strong, fresh breeze gently purifying my cheeks. Though if it weren't for my mom's quick hands shooting out to snatch the towel away from me, then hurriedly wiping my face, I wouldn't have had cheeks the color of ripe strawberries.

Later on when the attendants came to collect the towels, they gave every child some legos, crayons along with coloring book, and a pack of cards. Upon receiving such treasures, or that was how I felt, I was struck with joy and pleasure. I then proceeded to color and play while my parents were lounging half asleep. I still relish that moment when I was oblivious to my surroundings and all my concentration was directed to coloring inside the lines. About a few hours had passed when I realized coloring and building legos became boring and tedious, but I soon discovered the armrest had numerous buttons which controlled a variety of commands. I was finally at peace when my dad demonstrated to me how the radio and the light dimmer on...

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