My Christmas Tree Tale

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My Christmas Tree Tale         On November 29 my life changed forever. A little boy had just came out of the trees when he went back to look for his parents. To tell them he found the perfect tree. His mommy and daddy came and agreed that I was the perfect tree. They cut me down, which you probably think hurt. It didn't hurt at all. It just tickled very, very much. Then the boy's father put me in a machine that binded my branches together. Then the people put me in something called a car. The car drove us to the family's house. Then they put me in a stand. The family then ate dinner. After they ate they put heavy objects on my branches. Then the family went to bed. Every day was the same until one that the boy was begging to open his presents when he woke up tomorrow and not have to wait for his parents to wake up.

I alone was the only one who didn't know what was going on, but I soon found out. At about midnight that night a fat man in a red suit came down from the chimney just as I was about to fall asleep. He startled me very much because I had never known or heard of a Santa Claus. The man put packages under my branches. He ate and drank the cookies and milk that was left for him. I went to sleep then to be woken up by the boy and his parents opening the packages under my branches. A lot more people came and had a "Christmas Party" with gifts and lots of food. Hours after they ate the guests left. A week or so later the family took off the heavy objects that were on my branches. They took me outside were I rotted. Now I am grass, but it was fun being a Christmas tree.

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