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Music In the family         There are a variety of different types of music that are popular in different times.

The music that I chose to listen to is Rap and Hip-Hop because it is a form of music with a beat and rhythm, but my mom doesn't like it. When I listen to my music my mom becomes very angry by reason of the kind of language some Rappers use.

        Ever since I was little, I always enjoyed listening music. During my life I have switched from each type of music a numerous times. I went from liking Pop music to Alternative. Then from Alternative to Hard Rock, and from Hard Rock to Rap which I currently listen to. Ever since I started listening to Rap, I always liked to crank up the volume as loud as I can because it makes the music sound better. As I was saying, in the Introduction, basically all my music has lyrics with swears and all kinds of vulgar in it.

        One day after school Lee and I were playing Nintendo in my room with the volume at full blast listening to DR. DRE and Eminem are favorite Rappers. While we were playing and listening, my mom were passing by the room when she heard a numerous amount of nasty language from the song, she started yelling at me to "turn the Crap off". I then put my CD player on pause, and my mom started bellowing at me that I shouldn't be listening to music that describes violence and other "bad" stuff that I can't put on the paper.

        I of coarse retaliated by yelling back at her and telling her that I don't care about the lyrics because I like to listen these kind of song's because they have a...

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