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Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of knowledge and unselfishness. He to me has been a historical figure because of what he believed in and never gave up on. He believed that everyone was to be treated equally and fairly, no matter race or gender. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for what he knew was right and would make the world a better place for everyone. He only wanted what was right and because of that there was a change of mind in many people. But not until it was to late that he wasn't able to see the change.

Martin Luther King Jr. grew up knowing that what was going on in the world was not right. Therefore he took the initiative to try and make people realize the truth. In the short period of his life, he accomplished many things. He contributed his time in making things right for the people of a different race and gender.

I have been effected by his contributions because I have learned that growing up was not always easy for the people of a different race. As a person of a different race, I have opened my eyes and mind to the things that go on around this society. I know that it is hard for many people of race because not everything seems to be fair. But because of Martin Luther King Jr. many things have been turned around. I feel that his biggest contribution to the people of a different race was his "I Have a Dream" speech. Millions of people showed up the day of his speech just to hear what he had to say. And because of that speech, many people have realized that what he did was right. Today, things have been turned around for the better, and I feel that Martin Luther King Jr. was a huge part of what has changed.

Martin Luther King Jr. will always be a historical figure that will never be forgotten, especially by the ones whose life was turned around for the better. He has opened many people's minds to what he believed he knew was right for everyone. He made a huge difference and will never be forgotten for his contributions.

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