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MOTIVATION When I attended the workshop on motivation I thought it was going to be stupid. I was surprised because it wasn't. When I had arrived at Schrank Hall North at 6:05 p.m. I though that it was going to be some type of therapy session, but it wasn't. It was kind of helpful to me because I didn't know hardly anything about motivation. The instructor lectured about where you could find motivation and where you can get it from. The instructors name was Julie Phillips. Julie told us that "motivation is the energy that fuels your drive to achieve, and a motivator is anything that moves you forward. Some potential motivators for attending school could be learning a marketable skill, supporting a family or improving oneself." There is two types of motivation, there is external motivation and internal motivation. External motivation comes from the people from the outside like your parents or guardians who help motivate you.

It's like when your mother would always tell you that your doing good and want you to keep up the good work and get good grades. My mother always give me great motivation even when your far apart. The other type of external motivation that I get is from my cousin Robert, who stay in the dorms with me at Grant. Parents/Guardians always tell you how proud they are of you. Internal motivation is the motivation that you get from yourself. It's a type of motivation that you build up with in yourself to help you get through the day. I give myself internal motivation everyday; because, I have to influence myself to get up every morning to go to class. Motivation plays a big part in everybodies lives, especially, college students the first time away from home.

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