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In my early childhood, the person I looked up to more than anyone else was the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To begin with, he believed that all people deserved the same civil rights and that each individual was created as an equal to their fellow man. In addition, he viewed children's education as the foundation of the future. Most importantly, Dr. King voiced his opinion on the visions he possessed which had inspired many Americans to stand up against the racial prejudice that plagued the United States during the 1960's. In any event, Dr. King made an impact on the nation like no other person has ever done before.

Could you imagine not being able to attend school because the color of your skin isn't white? Millions of Americans faced this obstacle every day and became more and more discouraged until a man by the name of Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. arose among the people. Dr. King believed that God created all people equal and that no human being was any better than the next. To prove this, Dr. King led many marches and protests insisting on the equality of civil rights. He also delivered the " I Have A Dream " speech in 1963, which exemplified his strive for non-violence and equality. All in all, Dr. King taught millions of Americans that passing judgment on people specifically because of their race is wrong and that character, not content, measures a person.

It was once said that the future is like a locked door and that education is the key to open a new world of possibilities. Dr. King was a firm believer in education for the youth of America. He encouraged all children in his neighborhood to go to school and college. He also donated money to extremely poor families to keep their children in school. At any rate, Dr. King basically believed that a stronger America relied on a more intelligent America, don't you? Dr. King voiced his opinions and stood up for what he believed in like no other person has done before. During the 1960's when society was living out a lie with segregation, Dr. King was like a booming voice of truth. Above all else, he suffered personal damage to his home as well as threats made to his family for his actions during the civil rights movement. However, Dr. King pushed on insisting that one-day people will realize that what they are doing is wrong and that he would be there protesting segregation until they did so. This beacon in the night kept his promise to convey his infuriation for segregation until the late 1960's in which he was assassinated for nothing more than his personal beliefs. Without a doubt, if Dr. King were alive today the world would be a safer place for everyone.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the most influential man of the 20th century. He believed in equality for all in a time when America was separated like day and night. Also, he supported education, which in his eyes, served as the backbone of the betterment of society and the foundation for the future. However, the trait that most remember him for was his ability to voice his opinion like no other person has ever done before. Everyday there are millions of people that go to school, college, and eventually become successful because of the actions of Dr. King, now could u imagine a world without him?

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