Of Mice And Men: Friendship

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Of Mice and Men, written by John Steinbeck in 1937, is a book about two men who are the best of friends. However these two men, Lennie and George, are very different. Lennie is very large and a little slow, while George is rather small and much smarter than Lennie. The two travel together far and wide from farmhouse to farmhouse. The two encounter many things that challenge their friendship, however their friendship remains as strong as ever. In the novel Steinbeck demonstrates friendship through George and Lennie's relationship,Candy and his dog, and through Curly's marriage.

George and Lennie's relationship is very strong and with out each other neither could survive.The strength of their friendship is shown in the conflict between Lennie and Curly. Curly thought that Lennie was laughing at him so he began to attack him. George quickly grabbed Curly and broke every bone in his hand.

Another instance is when they go to get a job. The boss asks Lennie what he can do. George quickly jumps in for Lennie's defense and says, 1"He can do anything you tell him. He's a good skinner. He can rassel grainbags, drive cultivator. He can do anything. Just give him a try." This quote shows George's love for Lennie and his desire for him to succeed. At the end when Lennie is going to be lynched George is forced with a tough decision. He must choose between his friend dying a slow and painful death or ending it quickly. George being a good friend attempted to comfort Lennie by telling him about the ranch they will have. George says, 2 "We'll have a cow. An' we'll have maybe a pig an' chickens... an' down the flat we'll have a... little piece alfalfa."After hearing this Lennie is...

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