Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men's title could have several interpretations. The poem, To a Mouse by Robert Burns is about mice and the way they act. It also mentions that the best plans of mice and me often go wrong or get screwed up. Which is what happened to George and Lennie. This poem also states that a mouse is better off than humans because they only worry about the present. Humans sometimes regret the past and are scared about the future. Lennie acts almost as the mouse in which, he only worries about the present and the only time he looks forward to the future is for his dream. This meaning that plans often get screwed up would make a good title for the story.

In this two-man relationship both men contribute to it although it may be in very different ways. George always continues when Lennie says, "to look after me?" Because in a way that is what George is doing.

George always has to be there for Lennie, or Lennie would not know what to do. When Curley starts punching Lennie, Lennie just takes the punches, while George is yelling, "punch him back, punch him back!" Lennie finally does. Also, George cares for him by feeding and looking after him. It does seem that George becomes really frustrated, and he almost wishes Lennie was never there, and then he remembers that he cares for Lennie and that they have a dream together. Lennie gives George a purpose for life. They will achieve that dream together. Lennie is the only thing keeping George moving from day to day otherwise he'll just be the same old guy as anyone else by wasting his earnings every month by going out instead of saving it.

During the interview, Lennie was told not to talk, so everything would go right. George always liked to handle these situations. The owner asked Lennie, "Why doesn't he talk?' then George would answer with, "because he ain't much of a talker, but he can work as hard as a bull." After George mentioned that, the boss was wondering why those two traveled together. George said that they were cousins so they traveled together. George had to make up something so the boss didn't think George was taking Lennie's earnings at then end of the month. George also speaks of Lennie's conditions. "Lennie was dropped his head when he was a baby." George stated this so the boss does not suspect George did something to him, which made him this way, and also because he does not want the boss to think twice about hiring them.

After Lennie and Curley's confrontation, Slim protects George and Lennie by telling Curley not to say naything and that he got his hand causght ina machine. This is because Leennie and George do not want to get kicked off of the ranch. This shows what a strong, caring, and helping person Slim's character is. Throughout the story Slim acts almost as what people think today as a cowboy. His tall stature, god-like eyes, prince of the ranche nature gives the reader that impression that he is a good man that George and Lennie can trust At the end of the story the reader must figure out what will happen. George and Lennie's dream will never be fulfilled now. George will live the rest of his life one way he has told Lennie he would if he didn't have lennie. By taking his earn at the end of the month and blowing it on girls, bets, and drinks for the rest of his life. The comment Carson made, "What do you think is eating those two?" which is said to Curley shows how hearless some men could be, because George did do the right thing but he also just keilled his best friend. George needed to be comforted and reasurred that he did the right thing. This statement show how heartless Carlson ahd Curley are.

At the end of the story George tell Lennie that he ws never mad at him. This is true, George was never really mad at Lennie. At times George was frustrated about the way Lennie acted but then he always remembered that he loves Lennie. Lennie and even George needed to hear that he wsa never mad. The two biggest items in Lennies life was that he was going to tend the rabbiths and that George was not mad at him so he could ten the rabbits. George just wanted Lennie to know he was not mad and never was because that always made Lennie relieved to hear that. George just wanted himself to know that he had to do this, to set Lennie free.

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