Of Mice And Men

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Men Are Different Than Mice In the story Of Mice And Men everybody is lonely in a way. I think that Crooks is the loneliest, and then Curley`s Wife, Candy, Lennie, and George. I think that these five people are the best form of loneliness.

I think that Crooks is the loneliest of all because he has no one to talk to. All he has to do is read books and work by himself. When Lennie comes into the room Crooks thinks that he is trying to take his lamp, and he says that he has a right to have a lamp. When he finally figures out that Lennie just sees him as another guy to talk to he starts to tell him things like what if George doesn't come back"¦etc. Lennie gets mad, but Crooks calms him down by saying that George is coming back. Crooks tells Lennie that he was just talking about himself.

That proves that he is lonely.

Curley`s wife is always lonely because she is always looking for someone to talk to, but no one wants to get into a fight with Curley. Even though she tries to talk to the by using the excuse, "Have you seen Curley?" all the time. That's when everybody she talks to says, "you have a husband to talk to". She is the only one who knows that the only thing that Curley does is abuse her verbally or physically. I think that she is lonely because she doesn't want to be with Curley and the guys don't want to be with her.

Candy was not as lonely as Crooks and Curley`s Wife until Carlson shot his dog. That is when Candy stopped talking to people all together. Then he over heard George and Lennie talking about a perfect little place were they would never have to worry about getting fired or in trouble again. When Candy heard about this he automatically wanted to be a part of it and he offered them his money. He got them talked into it with the story of he didn't want to be fired and kicked off the farm to be left alone.

Lennie is not really lonely because he always has George. In Lennie`s mind George has always been there and he always will be there like when he was talking to Crooks, Crooks said, "well just suppose that George don't come back." Lennie said that George will come back because George will never leave or die. The only time Lennie is lonely is when George goes into town with the boys or he is playing horseshoes.

George is also not very lonely because he has Lennie and he has friends at the ranch. I think that George likes his life because he is respected and he fits in. I think that George fits in perfectly at the ranch because he is so much like the other guys, but Lennie messes up. George knows what he has to do for what Lennie did "killed Curley`s wife". When Lennie went to the river George told him the story one last time and then shot him in the back of the head.

So out of all of the lonely people George and Lennie are about the same because the kept each other company and if the others learned to do that then everybody would get along a lot better.

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