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Of Mice and Men"¦ ...10 Years on! Curley slammed his beer glass down on the rickety table. It juddered slightly, and Curley was taciturn for a moment. He shook the unsightly stump in the direction of an amused George. Then, he glanced down, and where there was once a soft hand, well preserved for his purty wife, there was a hideous, tangled protuberance of fleshy tissue. The scabs had never healed but this one was particularly repulsive, the claret blood ran down the creases in the stub, as rouge as his late wife's lips. For a moment, he felt an allusion of sadness, but he glanced back at George, and felt a wave of resentment overwhelm him.

Since the incident, George had been hesitant to stare Curley in the eye, but as time had gone on George had become increasingly confident, knowing that Curley could never hurt him, either verbally, or physically, since he only had one lone hand.

However, when George did look at Curley, he held the stare and gave him an abhorrent look, indicating his hatred for this man who had wrecked his hopes, dreams and even his reality. This look seemed to torment Curley, and so George prolonged the gaze, until the man's face seemed too menacing to inspect to any further extent. Lennie was never a bright man, but George needed him, for companionship, and despised being alone.

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