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Metamorphosis: Written by Franz Kafka In this story, dynamic characters are one of the most important elements. When characters change their feelings, ideas or beliefs it tends to transform the tone of the story. In Metamorphosis, Grete is an excellent example of a dynamic character. Her overall change effects Gregor's decision at the closing stages of the novel.

At the start of the novel, Gregor's sister, Grete, is loving and adoring of her older brother. After the incident, his parents cannot bare to look at him. Gregor's mother faints at the slightest sight of his bug form, and his father will constantly hit and throw things at Gregor. The only human that can bare being near him is Grete, even though she does give an occasional yelp in the beginning of the book. Grete took the pail of milk that was left for Gregor when he woke up, away.

She noticed that he did not drink any of it and brought him both fresh and rotten food. She begins to bring him nourishment everyday and becomes routine.

All this time Gregor will hide under the couch while Grete is in the room, until the furniture gets removed. Grete thinks it will give him more room to move about, yet his mother believes that it will say they have lost hope and hurt him when he returns to human form. While they are moving the furniture Gregor injures his mother by startling her. As Grete runs out of the room Gregor follows and ends up passing out on the table.

When his father sees him like this he pierces Gregor's back with an apple and causes him much pain.

After this event, the family finds no time for Gregor, as they all have jobs. Grete still brings him food,

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