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Mesopotamia is the basic area of Iraq in today's society. The people who lived in this are were called Sumerians. Around 3000 b.c. everything in this general are began to dry up. This includes the rivers and land and such. Due to this people, mostly farmers began to build long complex ditches. This was part of the begging of arrogation. They built these ditches to towns, farms, and so on. This ingenuity at that part of time brought on a huge growth in populations.

The Sumerian world is run by gods and demons. Everything that happens to the people is due to the will of the gods. For example if there was an earthquake this would be considered the anger of the mountain god. Each city in this area has their own god. If the gods were fighting then the people of those two cities or more with those gods would be fighting.

The people believed that if they wanted the world to run smoothly they must appease the gods. They attempted this through major events such as sacrifice, festivals, burning incents, etc"¦ The Sumerians develop a centralised system of organisation and administration through the building of temples for these gods. Always at the head of these organisations were priests. The temples they built for their gods were called Ziggurats. Ziggurats were built with a step like pattern and would have many steps. These steps of the ziggurat represent moving closer to the gods and heaven. The Temples due to their size were built in the most central area of society. At the top of these temples would be a room with a statue or idol of the god in the middle. The Ziggurat began to be the place where you would send goods and taxes would be collected.

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