Memorial Day

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Memorial Day comes only once a year, and this is a time of looking back and seeing what those brave veterans did for America. Memorial Day means showing our patriotism, letting those brave veterans know we are grateful for what thy did, and showing them we understand the importance of Memorial Day. Memorial Day means freedoms! This special day is a time to celebrate all the freedoms we enjoy, and showing our patriotism, the love for America.

What means the most on each Memorial Day is being able to live with all these freedoms each day. People should use this time to celebrate with family and friends, pray to God to thank Him for what he has given to this country, and realize that not every country has the opportunity to live as freely as we do. Most people usually take advantage and abuse our freedoms, but this would be a perfect time to celebrate and be thankful for our free country.

Memorial Day is also about showing our patriotism. Americans should use this time to show how much they love having the chance to live in America. Memorial Day should mean putting up American flags, setting off fireworks, and wearing our countries colors. These patriotic features let everyone around us know we understand the true significance of Memorial Day. This important day should also mean saying our solemn pledge of allegiance, and singing together our national anthem. Memorial Day should mean more than just one of the many holidays, and what makes this day mean more is showing how patriotic we can be when remembering why we have Memorial Day.

Memorial Day means a day of getting together to celebrate our freedoms that God has given to us, and showing the love for America, as each person participates in patriotism. On this day, we should realize how our freedoms as an American, and system of government differ from those around us. We should be thankful on Memorial Day, and show that we care by participating in all patriotic events.

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