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I have found a product worth recommending to the Hong Kong market.The product named Powerbar is a nutrient. Now it is very popular in the USA,but it is not available in HK.In today¡¦s busy world ,it¡¦s extremely important that we consume that proper nutrients to support our efforts of building a better body through healthy diet.The delicious tasting powerbar provides us the high quality proteins and make us become energetic persons. So I think there exist the possibility that the product will be popular in HK.

Powerbar is very popular in the USA. The protein is from lactose that is removed from milksw,sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and fruit juice concentrate.Each bar contains approximately 45g of carobs ,9g of protein ,2g of fat a total of calories per bar.It has very rich netrition,and it can provide people calcium phosphate ,iron,vatamine¡K..

In short,it gives the people enough energy in the daily life.

I have done a lot of research about the new product ,and I found that there¡¦s still a lot of room for nutrients market.HK people pay enough attention to health food .The latest report says that HK people think the most healthy food is the food that is extracted from the nature.Most of the nutrients that sell in HK are just like drugs, they have aftereffect.So HK people don¡¦t believe in these nutrients.The powerbar that is extracted from plants is much safer than these nutrients.

Powerbar is the product that is recommended by the US Food And Administration(FDA) and Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).It is accepted widely and keeps stable market share in USA.How can it achieve that ? Compared with other nutrients in USA,it has compared advantages as follows: ľ The powerbar is a healthy food...

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