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Question#1 Today we have round-the-clock news for many different reasons. Technology has enabled us to have fiber optic cable systems. This has expanded cable television and electronic superhighways. "Fiber optics transmit signals on light beams rather than radio waves." (Wilson & Wilson, 333) The use of satellites, especially direct broadcast satellites (DBS), has allowed more people to receive specialized cable stations. The are hundreds of specialized cable stations and many of them include news stations. Having these specialized stations has allowed certain stations to devote their programming to twenty four hour news. With the use of cameras and satellites, we can receive news anytime of the day. The news is always up to date. If an incident occurs at five o'clock, it is likely that we will hear about the story within the next ten minutes. Satellite dishes and the specialized stations allow us to receive news directly after an incident occurs.

In the past, news outlets would have had to wait a longer period of time to receive all of the information and the audience would had to wait until the news programs started at it's scheduled hour. The Internet also allows us to receive round-the-clock news. We can log on to a news website during anytime of day and receive an updated version of the news. This is another source that allows us to receive the news without waiting for it to begin at a certain scheduled hour.

Lance Morrow calls the news boring because he feels it is an "information overload." He believes that many of the stories reported in the news are "pointless." Morrow also believes that the news does not provide us with important information. He makes refreences to the news he remembers as a child. He recalls hearing news about different wars that took...

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