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Media Analysis Paper Married with ChildrenMarried with Children was created by Ron Leavitt & Michael G.

Moye. On November 27, 1988, Married with Children became the first Fox show to deliver a 10% of all American households were watching the premiere of the episode "Poke High"�. With the 6th season premiere on September 8, 1991, it hit the number one spot again with 29% of all US TV sets tuned in. Married with Children had 259 episodes in 11 seasons that premiered from April 5, 1987 to June 9, 1997 on Fox. On April 17, 1997 it was cancelled because the network didn't want to pay 1.5 million per episode for season 12. Reruns are still on the air on weekdays and the show was sold to over 60 countries. Reruns can be viewed weeknights at 9:00pm and for the competition, well there isn't really any because it's the best show of the century.

Married with Children uses a chaotic white trash family to attract low, middle, and high-class men over the age of 16.

The commercials that I observed seemed kind of targeted towards all different genders. The commercials ranged from Six Flags Great America to the law firm Habush Habush Davidson & Rotier. I noticed that the commercials were targeted toward middle class men and woman as well as young adults 14-38. The Taco Bell, six flags, Friends, and Quaker sate commercials were for teens. The Colders, Drew carry, Lawyer, and Drew Carry show was a little of adult and teen mixture.

As for the subject matter of the show it was mostly for men but also a little for woman. For example the show always has Al Bundy talking about drinking, sports, not having sex with his wife, the Dodge, nudie bar, and of...

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