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The Context of Medea.

The cultural concerns which prevailed the time was it was Athens in the Golden age of classical Greece. The year Medea was first written was 431BC. This marked the period that began the Peloponnesian wars. These wars saw the falling on Athens and thus the Golden Age was over. Greek culture during this time was famous for its works of architecture, its perfection and absolute beauty. Medical science made notable progress, and Hippocrates, the most distinguished physician of the ancient world set high standards for later members of his time. Philosophy and science grew as ways of trying to understand the world. Art and sculpture were classically constructed to reveal the ideal. Athenians believed their city to be the epitome of human achievement on all levels of existence.

The main society and cultural myths that were around in Euripides time were: Religious and superstitious "" all of life devoted to gods "" all art and theatre was devoted to gods "" Greeks believed that gods played with their lives, so they were scared of the gods Technologically advanced "" A high living standard increased leisure and arts.

Highly political "" The state more important than the individual "" selective but true democracy Complex social organization "" Men over thirty were citizens and made decisions about social life "" women and foreigners had a low social status and were marginalised from power Patriarchal "" Power was handed down through a patrilineage "" women had to buy there husbands and were completely subservient to them "" women not allowed in the public arena "" a man could take another women and apply for divorce if his wife did not produce sons or please him "" women could not "" women considered irrational, highly a victim of their...

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