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FriendsFriends are my world. Wether I have known them for years or just met them they are still improtant. I put my friends needs above my own at times and if they need help I do my best to get them the help they need. Parents are always there for me and are great to have but friends will help me get through the world as you learn and grow.

My parents mean a lot to me and all but friends make the world go round. I can tell my friends things I don't dare to tell my folks and they don't judge me on what I've done in the past.

My parents take in consideration all that I've done in the past no matter how long ago and judge me upon that. My friends will help me get the help I need in situations where my parents would yell, ground, and make my life hell before helping me.

I thank them for this and often go to them for advise on things before my parents. I believe it's very important to have people that will do what a friend will for you even if you abuse them a little.

I try to make friends everywhere and of all kinds. Sometimes when I walk down the halls at Lincoln I'll stop and talk with a group of people I've never met before. That's the easiest way to meet new and different people. If I only hang around with one type of crowd then I get one view point on situations. I believe getting a varity of opinions before making a decision. It helps for me to make the right one. It also makes me a well rounded person by being able to understand what people are going trough when...

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