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Master of Ice-Cream The poem called "˜The Emperor of Ice Cream" seems to me like a moving picture, with fourteen white spots, if we look closer and deeper and see the big size, what are we going to see? We would see old England a long time ago, because the author used lots of english words such as wenches and fantails, I also refered to some older crafts that haven been done that much but were popular in the earlier ages.

One very hot afternoon in england, market6 or maybe even park, where people can buy garden and wild flowers that are offered by florists. Those bouquetes of flowers are wrapped with old newspaper, so that they could be more comfortable errand boys to carry them just like the author said:""¦and let the boys bring flowers in last months newspapers." One of the few thing that would cool us down before air conditioning was walking through shaddy parks.

Women were taking walking in the parks very slowly because they were wearing corsets long dresses umbrellas gloves and hats. Old traditions and fashions required them to be seen that way in public, "let the wenches dawdle in such dress as they are used to wear" these clothes protected them from the sun but not from the heat. In the higher classes women had to follow the conservative tradition. By their tanned skin people in lower classes where noticed and that's why women had to work so hard to keep there white skin white. For hot days these clothes were not comfortable, they were too hot, it made movement difficult and the biggest satisfaction was to sit down and have a bowl of cold, fresh, home made ice cream. Only ice cream helped them cool down. women considered ice cream...

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