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Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech and Toni Morrison's article "A Slow Walk of Trees" are based on the same concept. Both authors stressed views on the treatment of African-American people in society. They each argued the point of unfair treatment within the African-American communities. Although the speech and the article are based on the same concept, they differ in many ways.

In Morrison's article, she is, in a way, arguing two points. One being if blacks were ever going to improve and the second being if whites would improve. Morrison uses two different generations to argue each of these points. The grandfather and father both had pessimistic views, while the grandmother and mother felt that things could improve. Throughout King's spech, he talks about blacks not getting treated the way they had been promised. He uses the same concept throughout his entire speech.

My opinion is this.

Although there are still people in America that believe in hatred and prejudice. I believe that overall we are treated equally. There was once a time when blacks couldn't get jobs, vote, or hold any important offices. Now, blacks have the opportunity to do anything. I say in a sense, America has given us the freedom or a sufficent "check", but there are still minor defaults. No in America, but in certain Amreicans who base their lives on hatred. I also believe that blacks and whites have both improved.

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