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Wright 1 Loyalty to Friends All my life, I've never had big groups of friends. I've usually had only two or three close friends. I have always considered myself a very loyal friend, but a friend of mine hasn't always been that loyal to me. I met my best friend of now in seventh grade, and around eighth grade a new boy moved to school and she became infatuated with him. Needless to say she hooked up with him. For a while, things were okay, and then her boyfriend started being really mean to me, and as time went on we spent less and less time together until it got to the point where we didn't even talk anymore. I still paid attention to her and noticed all the changes she was going through. She didn't have any friends except her boyfriend, and her style changed too. She went from fitting clothes to baggy clothes and she stopped wearing makeup and quit doing her hair.

I figured this was due to her boyfriend. They went out for two years, and I never talked to her until the summer between my ninth and tenth grade year when my mom got into a terrible car accident and my summer was then spent in Grand Rapids at the Butterworth Hospital. One day while stopping at my home, in Reed City, to pick up the mail I noticed a card for me and it was from her. It said something to the fact that if I needed someone to talk to I could call her. This surprised me and made me a little happy, but I didn't call her because I didn't know what to say. So when school started and I was finally back home, still without my mom, I got a call...

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