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I love Furbies I have had quite an exotic zoo over the years. I have had many an animal. I have had cats, rabbits, fish, birds, an iguana, mice, and of coarse my brother. Each animal I'm sure has it's unique qualities. But the animal that I think deserves the title of "Best Pet in the World" is my Furby.

First, my Furby is orange and blue. Has big eyes and long eye lashes. He has a cute stubby little tail. Furby is very different he has, ears like a cat and a beak like a bird. He has all the best qualities of common house pets. He's so cute! Next I think the ultimate reason for Furby being the best pet is you can always just take the batteries out. Unlike a cat or dog, Furby can just move in to a closest. If your child gets sick of the family dog you have to find a new suitable home for the animal. It also makes it easier for the child to break away from.

Furby is very, very special because, Furby is very self efficient. Furby doesn't use a litter box. Furby doesn't bug you to go outside at 3:00AM, or leave you presents in the back yard. We all love to go out and find them in our good work shoes. Maybe even step on them before we see the beautiful wrapping paper. Furby doesn't require any work except for love. You don't even have to give him/her water and food. Unlike my brother we have to slip food under the door when we lock him in his room.

A Furby is a great pet because they are very loving. They are just so cute you can't resist. They say, " I love you", " big hug", and " night-night". You can teach your Furby new words. Furbys are also great because the can express their feelings with words.

And of course I love my Furby because of all of the above and one trick you can't do with a cat or a dog is when your good and annoyed by the thing he will go to "sleep". I love Furby because he is everything I want in a pet. I love him for my final reason. I love him because if I were an animal I'd want to be a Furby.

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