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GREATEST HITS by Louis Armstrong BMG (rec. 1933-May 1970) Personnel: Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra I choose to review the Lois Armstrong's greatest hits album. This album really stood out to me when I began looking for a jazz c.d. I felt that if I was going to review any jazz c.d. that I should at least pick a person that I have already learned some about. I felt that the greatest hits album would allow me to familiarize myself with some of Armstrong's pieces as well as familiarize myself with a famous legend of jazz.

When I first looked at this c.d. it showed a picture of the great Mr. Louis Armstrong. It shows his great enthusiasm as a player with his instrument in hand. The colorful labeling stands out to the watchful eye as I noticed it as I was flipping through a countless number of c.d's.

When I first put the c.d.

in and began listening to the first song sugar I felt that it was a song that did not deserve to give out the first impression of Louis Armstrong. I felt that it was quite dull and even boring at some times. He did have a very long instrumental playing time that lasted approximately two minutes but it was not very exciting..

The second song on the c.d. was Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans, I felt better about the way in which this song showed off Louis's great instrumental talents as well as his great deep voice. It let him express his feelings openly and had great ride rhythm.

The third song, St. Louis Blues is composed of great solos on the instrumentals and contains very few lyrics. I felt that the song had a good beat but it was very fast. I think that this song should have contained more lyrics, it seemed as though it was really missing a good tune.

The fourth tune, Basin Street Blues is quite loud and has a low quality recording. I thought that the lyrics were difficult to comprehend because of this low quality. I think that it is one of the weakest songs on the compilation. It seems to be a strictly instrumental cut that was transposed onto the album as filler.

Everybody's Talkin' is a classic song that most have probably heard before. I enjoy the upbeat chorus to this song as well as the great lyrics that Louis adds. It could put anyone in a better mood just by listening to this cut.

I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues seems to be place in the wrong position to follow Everybody's Talkin' because it is very slow and seems to be drug out at some times. I t also does not consist of much diversity among the lyrics.

The Melody of Armstrong Hits is a very special collection of songs together because of their differences in pulse of the three songs. I find it to be an interesting tune because of these distinct differences that are involved. It shows an ability to play a vast arra y of different styles.

Ain't Misbehavin' is the eight track of the c.d. and it is a very upbeat tune that possesses a large amount of instrument playing at once. The drummer drops bombs throughout the song as well, which adds great body to the piece. I think that this is an excellent example of a band playing all together and it also allows for every piece to be heard well throughout.

Rockin' Chair is probably at least to me one of the worst pieces on this album due to its boring lyrics and slow beat. The piano is the only thing that I really enjoyed throughout this piece and I felt that Carmichael was a boring lyricist to listen to.

Mood Indigo has a suspenseful beginning that slows down into a song about being blue. I think that the piano is also a key part to the development of this song. I believe that there is also a flute in the background that plays along in and out of the piece. I like the way that Louis expresses himself throughout.

My One and Only Love is also a slow piece that made me think about someone who I love very much in my life and made me think of the great things that are involve in this relationship. This song is somewhat magical to the mind. It makes you think and I think that it is a powerful and motivating piece.

Someday You'll Be Sorry is a totally instrumental piece with no lyrics at all in the first minute and a half and then breaks out into a song that talks about letting someone go. It shows a breaking apart of friends. I think that it has a real meaning to it and I find that it makes it a piece that really comes from Armstrong's heart.

What a Wonderful World is Armstrong's most influential and popular song in my heart. It really shows what is out there in the World to offer. It can help to put you in a good mood or make you really think about something that you have on your mind. It is an amazing piece that really shows off Louis's ability to sing.

I feel that this c.d. is a great collection for any person to have. It offers so much in the thirteen songs that are included. I believe it is an album that can really make someone appreciate the beauty of jazz and I am very happy that I purchased the c.d. for myself. It really shows the amazing talents that Louis Armstrong possessed both by his instrumental and vocal's.

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