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The Lottery In "The Lottery"� by Shirley Jackson, All of the events lead up to each other. All of the events are important in every way and should be carefully examined. The people do things that are odd and they a re named funny too. Through the townspeople's names, their actions and the objects placed around them make Shirley Jackson in "The Lottery"� suggest that human behavior can be controlled by traditions.

The people that live in this town have names that are more than just to know them, they actually mean something in the way they act. Mrs. Delacroix's name means to cross. This is noticed by her speaking to Tessie by being her friend but then later on she will hate her more than anyone else does. Mrs. Delacroix had a pile of stones near her that she gathered together. Old Man Warner is the oldest man in town and has never won the lottery " I have never won this lottery once in my entire life."�

Warner could mean to warn people away but he says that "The other towns are a bunch of fools because they are getting rid of the lottery."� Warner does not give off any bad vibes, only that it is a good thing to keep because they are fools if they get rid of it. Mr. Grave helped Mr. Summers and he was the postmaster. Graves is more of a dreary name, like it was funeral home.

The people in the story act in way that is not normal and does not sound to lead up to a happy ending. There was a lot of hesitation during the lottery. "The men all hesitated to help and to open their slips of paper." Who would hesitate to see...

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