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It was late July in Armenia's capital Yerevan. As the summer's sun streamed into the house and made little shadows on the windows, Cindy and her husband Tom were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. They loved each other and they never thought that something or someone could come between them. Life was wonderful for them with all its good and bad sides. In reality they have never experienced the bitter stroke of life. They always had the money to satisfy their needs as well as their wants.

Life was made up of roads and those roads were not always smooth, they were sometimes rocky. Love, which didn't pass either one of those rocky roads, couldn't be count as real, strong love. Unfortunately, Cindy and Tom's love wasn't strong enough to survive one of the strokes of the unfair life.

Summer passed as well as autumn and it was time for the bitter winter.

Cindy and Tom were preparing for the winter because they knew that in Armenia it always snows and they also knew that it would be really cold. However, they never thought that Tom would lose his job, but as a matter of fact he lost his job as well as the rest of the workers in Armenia. They didn't have money to pay for necessities. Their home temperature dropped to 0° C and they were freezing. They burned all the wood that they bought for whole winter only in the first month of the winter in order to warm the house.

They didn't even have money to pay for their bills. The lights went off because they didn't pay for it. At nights they had to light a candle, sit around the furnace, and look at each other because there was nothing else to do. They couldn't watch TV, or read books because of the electricity. It was hard to realize that they had everything and suddenly they lost everything. Especially Cindy couldn't face with the fact that Tom didn't have money to buy what she wanted.

"Can't you just find another job," Cindy said.

"Don't you see I am trying my best?" Tom answered with irritable voice.

" Maybe you are not trying hard enough," continued Cindy.

" Enough of that. I am not going to listen to your nonsense anymore," shouted Tom and left the house.

It was the last conversation between them as husband and wife. They got divorced and went on with their lives. They both were sorry what they had done, but none of them came back to say sorry and try to make up the good relations that they had before. Pride was talking in both of them.

The horrible winter passed. The ice melted and vaporized, sweeping with it the wounds that the winter brought with it, but the traces stayed forever. As life went on everything got in its places. Tom found a job that paid him more than the previous one.

Cindy also found a job, but it didn't bring them together. All marriages are happy. It's the living together that causes all the trouble.

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